Our Work

Commercial, Retail, and Office Facility Projects

Hunt Tower - Rogers, Arkansas

A ten story structure, the Hunt Tower will be the tallest building in Rogers, AR upon completion.

RHS (Russellville High School) Gymnasium - Russellville, Arkansas

The new Gymnasium, for the Home of Cyclones, is a 100,000 square foot facility which has the volume to seat over 3,000 spectators. In addition to basketball, this structure has the ability to host many different sporting events, from volleyball to wrestling, In order to provide an open, non-intrusive structure, ten foot deep super long span roof joists were utilized to span across the building. At the concourse level, the fixed seating benches are supported with a pre-cast column, stringer and bleacher system. (Architectural rendering, above, courtesy of Hight-Jackson Architects)

The AMP (Arkansas Music Pavilion) - Rogers, Arkansas

This outdoor performance venue has a seating capacity of over 5,000 occupants between the covered reserved seats and the open lawn. A challenging array of metal deck, wide flange steel beams and several large bow-string trusses forms the main stage roof framing. A grid system is suspended from the roof to support rigging, lights and speakers. Cover for the reserved seating is by a tensile “tent” structure that is supported by a truss system and the front of the main stage. The project also consists of several support buildings housing restroom facilities, concession stands and a ticket booth. The support buildings are constructed of metal deck and bar joists clear spanning to the exterior load bearing concrete masonry walls. Architectural renderings courtesy of Core Architects.

Blessings Golf Clubhouse - Johnson, Arkansas

Designed by nationally recognized Architect Marlon Blackwell, AIA, this facility houses locker room facilities, a restaurant and clubhouse for Blessings Golf Course in Johnson, Arkansas. The roof structure is constructed of metal deck, bar joist and wide flange beams. The floor system is constructed of an elevated concrete slab and metal deck, bar joists and wide flange beams. A stunning feature of this design is the second floor cantilever on the north end of the building. Large wide flange beams were utilized to create this extension over the clubhouse. The deep wide flange beams along with the mass of the elevated concrete slab helped mitigate the deflection and vibration concerns of the cantilevered second floor. Mr. Blackwell’s designs often incorporate native stone and banded windows and openings. Design of support for these elements proved challenging. Blessings services as the home golf course for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks men’s and women’s programs.

Underwood’s Plaza - Fayetteville, Arkansas

Osage Creek Performing Arts Pavilion - Benton County, Arkansas

EBV EEC - Joplin, Missouri

Crystal Bridges Museum of Modern Art - Bentonville, Arkansas

Winkler - Driggs, Idaho

Pinnacle Knoll Parking Deck - Rogers, AR

Barrington Centre Office Buildings - Rogers, Arkansas

Church Projects

Grace Point Church - Bentonville, Arkansas

This architecturally progressive sanctuary addition provides seating for over 1,200 parishioners. It also houses classroom facilities and has a connecting element to marry the new construction to the existing facility. Challenging elements of the design included a two-story volume connecting element and exterior drop-off canopy. Multiple separate roof elevations provided the aesthetics for the connecting element and required advanced analysis and design for lateral stability. The roof is constructed of metal deck, bar joists and wide flange beams which are, in turn, supported by steel columns and load bearing walls. The drop-off canopy cantilevers out over the drive area to protect parishioners during inclement weather. The canopy is constructed of metal deck and rectangular tube sections to maintain a clean finish.

Fellowship Bible Church - Lowell, Arkansas

Mount Comfort Church of Christ - Fayetteville, Arkansas

School Projects

Ellis Family Fine Arts Center: Fort Scott Community College - Fort Scott, Kansas

This 43,000 square foot facility encompasses an auditorium & stage, scene shop, lobby, display area and a classroom wing. The majority of the facility’s roof structural system consists of bar joists supported on wide flange beams. In order to provide a column-free space, DLH joists span across the auditorium. The fly loft’s roof is constructed with wide flange beams that also support the multiple rigging lines above the stage. Vertical and horizontal rigging line loads are restrained at the fly loft’s roof level with vertical and horizontal beams tied together with stiffener plates. Access to the auditorium lighting and the fly loft has been provided with a steel framed catwalk and a fly gallery bridge and loading bridge.

Van Buren School District Fine Arts Center - Van Buren, Arkansas

The 1,240 seat Auditorium is part of the new high school for the Van Buren, Arkansas school district. 450 of the seats are located on the balcony of the auditorium. The auditorium’s roof structural system consists of long span joists supported on joist girders. In addition to the roof loads, the roof framing supports a catwalk that wraps all around the auditorium and two platform riggings above the stage. The biggest structural challenge at the auditorium was the framing for the balcony. Five 11’-8” deep steel trusses cantilever 28’-6” into the auditorium in order to provide a column-free space below. In order to counterbalance this cantilever, the trusses extend up to 36’ back into the second floor lobby and tie into W12 columns which have been anchored down to 12’-6 x 12’-6” x 2’-4” thick footings.

Janie Darr Elementary School - Rogers, Arkansas

Cooper Elementary School - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Berryville 3-5 Intermediate Elementary School - Berryville, Arkansas

Government Facility, Jails and Detention Centers Projects

Fayetteville Fire Station #3 – Fayetteville, Arkansas

The use of wood trusses was utilized for both the floor and roof members. These trusses were supported in certain locations by masonry walls and load-bearing wood stud walls in others locations.

Roger’s Fire Sub Station #5 & #7 – Rogers, Arkansas

Carroll County Criminal Justice Center – Berryville, AR

Medical Facility Projects

Highlands Oncology Group - Rogers, Arkansas

The Highlands Oncology Project had the challenge of considering the requirements for the specialty equipment. A concrete vault constructed of 7’-0“ thick walls and 3’-0” thick ceiling was designed to account for these requirements.

Circle of Life Hospice - Springdale, Arkansas

Restaurant Projects

McDonald’s - Nationwide

Tatum-Smith has been involved in the design of multiple restaurant locations across the United States, from Lakewood, WA to Leesburg, VA. The construction types for these projects are as diverse as timber framing, utilizing wood trusses and load bearing stud walls, to steel construction, utilizing steel bar joists and masonry walls.

Shogun - Bentonville, Arkansas

Lin's Garden - Bentonville, Arkansas

Denny's Classic Diner - Bentonville, Arkansas

Bank Projects

Arvest Branch Banks - Multiple Locations - Arkansas

Tatum-Smith has been involved in the design of multiple branch locations across Northwest Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. These projects have varied from brand new, ground-up construction to additions and remodels of existing structures.

United Bank Office Building - Springdale, Arkansas

Industrial, Food Processing and Warehouse Facility Projects

Wachter, Inc. - Lowell, Arkansas

Wachter’s exterior walls were constructed using tilt-up concrete panels. Each individual tilt-up panel was detailed to reflect the reinforcement requirements for that specific panel. These panels were constructed on-site and then lifted into position.

McKee Foods Fitness Center Addition - Gentry, Arkansas

Gymnasium Projects

Fayetteville High School Gymnasium Additions - Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Fayetteville High School Gymnasium Addition consisted of three gymnasiums including a competition gym. The use of precast bleachers and super long span joists were utilized in competition gym. The exterior “hanging” stair was supported from a frame assembly cantilevered from the adjacent building structure.

Bentonville High School Stadium - Bentonville, Arkansas

Rogers Activity Center - Rogers, Arkansas

Blackie Bond Indoor Practice Facility - Rogers, Arkansas